Crystal Layout

Crystal Layout – Rejuvenate Yourself

Crystal Layout

Crystal Layout - Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

Crystals are an important part of the Ascension Healing Centre. As they are a living energy and have a vibration specific to themselves, it is essential that the healers that are drawn to use them for the client must be trained to recognise his energy and become it as part of the healing process. All Ascension Healers have been trained to this awareness.

crystal layout

Crystal Layout - Re-balance Your Body

It is essential to book in for this healing as the healer will be required to sit in meditation prior to your arrival to ensure a strong contact is made with your Healing Guides and Masters.

You should set aside 1-2 hours of your time as some time is spent preparing you as well, various crystal layouts can be performed to target specific areas.

You will be placed on a massage table in a comfortable, warm, and safe environment. The healers will explain the procedure and will answer any questions or concerns at this time.

You will be introduced to the crystals selected for you and may be asked to hold some in your hands for a while to begin the flow of energy.

The Healer will place hands onto your chakras to establish the openness and direction of flow. Under the massage table is a double pointed crystal which automatically enhances the balancing of the client. You may become aware of its power when placed on the table for your crystal layout.

Crystal Layout – Re-balance Your Mind & Body

The healer connects with the energy of the client and spirit and is instructed by spirit, which crystals are required to be placed where.

Throughout the Crystal Layout, crystals will be placed mainly on the individuals Chakras however they may be placed on other areas that are in need of healing at the time.

It is during this connection with the client that information may be received from spirit for the individual which will be passed on if you desire.

The healer may also be instructed by spirit to use a crystal wand. This is used as an extension of the healers hand and the energy that is given at the time is enhanced through the wand and into the required area of the client requiring special attention.

The client will be encouraged to quiet the mind and become their silent space. Often they will fall asleep while the treatment is occurring.

The Healer will continue with the healing until they are instructed by spirit that it is finished.

When it is time the Healer will come to you and gently bring you back to the awareness of you physical body and assist you to move from the table. It is recommended at this time that you sit quietly. Maybe have a Coffee or Tea and take the time to re-adjust to your new found balance.

It is at this time the Healer may pass on to you that which spirit requires you to know.

The crystal layout and healing sessions offer complete relaxation and on completion many express a new found energy in a beautiful state of peace

Crystal Layout – Relax, Rejuvenate & Re-discover Yourself