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A Crystal is a living, breathing thing with an energy of its own and as that energy is able to transmit the healing or the enlivenment of the properties to those that connect and become it. Each has its own individuality and will respond to the energy that is being given to them at any given time.

There are many publications written that explain the characteristics of crystals and uses that each one  has and these publications are good to be used as a guide. However when one is truly in tune with the truth of the energy being portrayed it will become very obvious that there are far wider ranging properties available from them. Take a look at our crystals awareness workshop courses to assist with this awareness

Explore The Energy Of Crystal

For example:

  • Crystal Balls: Send energy in all directions. They are often used as windows to the past and the future and assist those to recognise events so that they can move forward in their lives.
  • Crystal Clusters: Are a whole family group of crystals and can bring peace and harmony to a home.
  • Egg Shape Crystals: Can be held in the curved palm of your hand as it fits perfectly and can be used in meditation or just quiet time for peace and balancing.
  • Crystal Points: Are used to move energy outwards or inwards depending on the healing required at the time. These crystals are great for directing energy in or out of the home when placed correctly.
  • Tumble Crystals: Stones are beautiful to hold, many varieties of these crystals can be used for the well being of the mind, body and soul.
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Beautiful Crystals

Crystals, love to be loved, not worship or relied on the do great work. the shape of the crystals is very important as they determine the type of direction healing.

In the  shop we specialize in stones for Layouts, Wellbeing Healing Stones, large pieces for the harmony of your home, as well as pendants and pendulums, crystal

can enhance your life.

We also have Ascension Crystal Workshops for those that want to be able to recognise the wonders of the beautiful energy of the crystals and their world and how to use them in everyday life.  For these workshops please contact us to register for a Workshop.


The Crystal Shop has array of beautiful crystals in store for your self healing wellbeing and for your home and is called Crystal Clear Intentions located at Palm Beach Plaza, Papamoa.  Opening from the 10th September 2012. Open 7 days a week.

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